Friday, December 3, 2010

Warehouse sale

I am seriously in love with the word "SALES". I doubt nobody will be different from me.
Well, year end sales are HERE again!

However, I realize that shopping centres, outlets and shops always hold various types of sales nowadays. We have new year sale, chinese new year sale, hari raya sale, deepavali sale, year end sale. Too many sales. These sales are not the kind of CRAZY sales I am after. They already lose their real meaning. It is just a tactic used by businessmen to attract consumers.

We always see signboard stating "70%","50%" discount in shopping malls. However, when you step in, you will be disappointed most of the time. Normally items on crazy sales are those out-dated ones *sigh*.

As you know, a poor person like me cannot afford luxurious items. That's why I like to do online shopping as I can always get real bargains through internet. The word "sales" seems to lose its attraction to me as I can hardly find REAL sales nowadays.

But I got one recently! I went to a branded perfume and cosmetic warehouse sale in Singapore.
The journey was tiresome and full of obstacles haha.
I definitely did my homework before I went there as I didn't know the location of that sale.
I went to search street directory and jotted down what MRT and bus to take in order to reach there.

Things didn't go along as what I planned nevertheless. We got lost in the end(I went with my mum). According to street directory, we should alight at Redhill station and took bus 145.

Internet can really be naughty(quoted from an aunty I met that day).

It misled us!

I was looking for Jalan Kilang and I couldn't locate it when I was in the bus. I turned out to be in Queensway MRT station.
Well, luckily the MRT workers were very helpful. They told me I should get to Commonwealth MRT station and took bus 147. Bus 145 never ever passed by Jalan Kilang.

So, did you think that our journey went smoothly afterwards??
It turned out to be a treasure hunt.

At commonwealth MRT station, I went to ask the MRT worker and he told us we should get bus 147 and alight 2 stops after we saw Queensway shopping mall.
You see how marvelous Singaporeans are???
They can even tell you how many stops you will pass by before you alight.

However, I could not locate "Queensway shopping mall" in the bus list(FYI, in singapore bus stations, there is a board listing what place each bus will stop at).

I was like "GOSH, it is still raining and I cannot get to my destination!"

Just give it a try after all.

It was ridiculous and funny that the bus driver did not know where Jalan Kilang was.
Well, the MRT worker was really awesome. He was right! Two stops after spotting Queensway shopping mall is where we saw the signboard "Jalan Kilang".

My effort was not in vain~~
I came to the correct place!!
The venue was not big but the items there were real bargains!
After "loitering" for about 1 and a half hour there, we got ourselves some perfumes and make-up.
I love the "Viva la Juicy" by Juicy Couture and "My Givenchy Dream".
Paris Hilton parfum is also the kind of fruity scent that I love so much!
I want to get more fruity perfumes but it was sad that I had no much money and I am not a perfume maniac yet.
The 3 items from right are my mum's one.

I didn't purchase any cosmetics even though I was so tempted to purchase them.
As a poor student, I do not possess any branded cosmetic but this warehouse sale definitely allowed me to get myself some!
Givenchy and Paul & Joe cosmetics were going at price less than $30! In other term terms, less than RM70!!!

Haha, but I could now proudly declare that I am resistant to cosmetics on sale. I learn to control myself!!! I have too many at home and I believe that there are still abundant chances for me to go to such warehouse sales. Right??

I am officially declared bankrupt right now.
Impulse purchase even though it was real bargain ^-^ ~~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

de vacances (Holiday)

Hi~~I am having my holiday right now and I am suddenly infused by the passion for blogging.
Perhaps that is due to boredom!!

An approximately two months holiday doesn't really allow me to hunt for a job.
Hehe, this is indeed an excuse. The truth is that I am too shy to go for any job interview, especially a walk-in-interview. I don't really like to be refused by someone with some excuse like "We don't need a holiday worker.", "We already got ones" face-to-face.
I am a stubborn weird-do with some sort of my own dignity.
Well, moreover, I just find it weird to go inside a shop and tell the person who greets you with a broad and fake smile simply because they think you are a customer. However, their smile would fade(most of the time lah~~bt noted that not everyone is like this) once they know you are there for an interview.
I just hate this.

Perhaps I need some extrinsic motivation to push me hunting for job since I need MONEY!!!
It suddenly reminds me of the song "money,money,money".

Well, that's it for today post. I gotta sleep already.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hope for Haiti


Have you guys read on this news?
If your answer is no, I am sad to tell you that a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on this Tuesday, 12 January 2010.

Many people may not have heard this country before, same goes to me. I did a brief searching on this country and found out it is a French-speaking Caribbean country and it occupies the island of Hispaniola. The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince and around 90% of population is concentrated there.

Haiti, an impoverished country... in the western hemisphere...
It is one of the world's poorest and least developed country. Most Haitians live on $2 or less per day. $2 a day, can you imagine it? One Macd meal already costs you around RM8, it is a luxurious indulgence to many Haitians which they desire for but are never able to fulfill it.

Then, why should devastation and death invade them again?

This ramshackle city cannot stand the destruction of mother nature. Buildings collapsed; offices collapsed; President's palace collapsed too.
People are entombed beneath the rubbles; uncounted bodies are all over the place in the 80 degree scorching heat; grief-stricken ones searching for their loved ones with their bare hand clawing at rubbles and debris; dozens of aftershocks roaming in the streets in fear of another disaster; millions spending nights without shelter.

The silence of death is so devastating and overwhelming.

The international Red Cross estimated 45,000 to 50,000 people were killed in Tuesday's cataclysmic earthquake, based on information from the Haitian Red Cross and government officials. It is just an estimated amount. I believe that the actual number of death is far more than this.

This incident reminds me of how fragile life is. Everyone can just lose his life in a blink. However, no matter how grief-stricken one is, the world will never stop evolving. Everything moves on. The left ones will still carry on with their life. NOTHING STOPS. People bury the memory deep in their mind and soon forget about it. As the saying goes --- time heals everything. So, what is left behind?

I wonder.