Wednesday, November 24, 2010

de vacances (Holiday)

Hi~~I am having my holiday right now and I am suddenly infused by the passion for blogging.
Perhaps that is due to boredom!!

An approximately two months holiday doesn't really allow me to hunt for a job.
Hehe, this is indeed an excuse. The truth is that I am too shy to go for any job interview, especially a walk-in-interview. I don't really like to be refused by someone with some excuse like "We don't need a holiday worker.", "We already got ones" face-to-face.
I am a stubborn weird-do with some sort of my own dignity.
Well, moreover, I just find it weird to go inside a shop and tell the person who greets you with a broad and fake smile simply because they think you are a customer. However, their smile would fade(most of the time lah~~bt noted that not everyone is like this) once they know you are there for an interview.
I just hate this.

Perhaps I need some extrinsic motivation to push me hunting for job since I need MONEY!!!
It suddenly reminds me of the song "money,money,money".

Well, that's it for today post. I gotta sleep already.

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